World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day commemorated every year on 14 November, same as the birthday of Sir Frederic Banting who discovered Insulin along with Charles Best and John James Rickard Macleod in 1922. On December 20, 2006, the United Nations passed a resolution 61/225 to conclude November 14 as World Diabetes Day.
The World Diabetes Day campaign is led by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its member associations around the world, including the American Diabetes Association and Diabetes UK. They organize events at international, national and local levels, such as conferences, workshops and seminars, the distribution of diabetes information, sport events and game events. These events aimed to raise awareness of diabetes, how to prevent diabetes and its complications and how to manage and take care diabetics.

The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes. The purpose of the symbol including :
• to give diabetes a familiar identity globally
• to brand diabetes
• to bring diabetes more attention of the people
• provide a media to show support for the fight against diabetes
The circle symbolizes unity and the blue color reflects the flag of the United Nations. The UN is a symbol of unity amongst nations that can appeal governments around the world to fight diabetes and its complications.
Every year World Diabetes Day has different theme.
In 2013 the theme is Protect our Future : Diabetes Education and Prevention.
In 2014 the theme is Go Blue for Breakfast.
In 2015 the theme is Healthy Eating.
In 2016 the theme is Eyes on Diabetes.
In 2017 the theme is Women and Diabetes
For 2018 – 2019 the theme will be The Family and Diabetes.
Two consecutive years has been chosen to facilitate planning, development, participation and promotion. The aim of International Diabetes Federation over the two years are :
• To raise awareness of the severity impact caused of diabetes in a member of family’s affected.
• To support network of the family’s member affected
• To promote the role of the family in the care, prevention, education and management of diabetes.

1 in 2 people currently living with Type 2 diabetes is undiagnosed. Key to prevent severity complications of diabetes are early warning diabetes diagnosis and proper treatment even if still in pre-diabetes stage. Knowing the signs, symptoms and risk factors for all types of diabetes are vital to help detect diabetes early
Most of the diabetes cases are Type 2 which is preventable through healthy living environments. Families have a key role to aware of diabetes signs and must be provided with the knowledge and resources to live a healthy style.
In several countries, the cost of insulin injection and medicines can consume half of a family’s average disposable income. Effort to supply affordable diabetes medicines is urgent to avoid increased cost for the diabetic and family which impact on health outcomes.
It is important that ongoing diabetes self-management knowledge and support be accessible to all people with diabetes and their families.

Three focus areas of awareness campaign are :
1. Detecting diabetes early. If Type 1 DM is not detected early it can lead to serious health disability or even death. Know the signs and symptoms is vital to protect family. Early diagnosis and treatment are keys to helping prevent or delay life threatening complications.
2. Preventing Type 2 diabetes. Many cases of Type 2 DM can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. When a family eats healthy meals and exercises together, all family members benefit and encourage behavior that could help prevent Type 2 DM in the family.
3. Caring for my diabetes. Managing diabetes requires daily treatment, regular monitoring, a healthy lifestyle and ongoing education. All Education and ongoing support should be accessible to all individuals and families manage diabetes. Essential diabetes medicines and care must be accessible and affordable for every family.

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