Sport Energy Drink & Diabetes

  Can Diabetics Drink Gatorade ? Energy drink is large and big industry in US, predicted to reach sales around $21.5 bio in 2017.  That amazing sales are pushed by massive marketing strategies and budget toward youth and teenage.  Cans or bottles usually have catchy design and colourful graphics.  The ads are placed on network that are predominantly viewed by teenage such as MTV.  The industries also heavily sponsored extreme

Coworking Space, Working Should Be Fun Now

Coworking space is a membership-based work space that allows diverse groups of independent creative professionals and individuals that work remotely to work in a shared setting. Coworking spaces aim to help those with common values develop potential synergies.  Expanding from its beginnings as an experimental office concept for entrepreneurs and technologists, co-working has quickly emerged as an effective workplace strategy for a growing number of corporate organisations. A range of

Is Watermelon Good for Diabetics

To answer this question first we have to understand what is Glycemic Index.  Glycemic index (GI) is a scale from 1 to 100 that ranks carbohydrate-rich foods by how much they raise blood glucose levels when compared to a standard food.  GI is a reflection of the rate carbohydrates are digested and absorbed as glucose following consumption. High GI (Fast Acting): Carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion, release blood