Nick Jonas Has Type 1 Diabetes

Nick Jonas Has Type 1 Diabetes

Does Nick Jonas Has Diabetes ?

Singer and actor Nick Jonas diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13 years old.  He said that he was always constantly feeling thirsty along with always going to the bathroom (polyuria).  After started losing weight rapidly, finally he decided to go to the doctor.  Then after took several tests including blood glucose test, his doctor diagnosed that Nick Jonas had type 1 diabetes.  That was one of the frightening moments in him and his family.  It was overwhelming because he had to quickly learn so much and got used to type 1 diabetes.

Nick Jonas had a lot of sharing with his friends and fans and they also want some advice from Nick on how he managed his type 1 diabetes.  He always said that don’t let diabetes rule his life, that sums up his mentality.  The other important thing is to build up comfort and safety network among type 1 diabetics.  So if they have hard days, they can reach out their type 1 friends because they speak “the same language”.  One of Nick Jonas fan asked how does Nick carry his supplies and does Nick feel free to test everywhere or does he prefer to test in private ?  Nick answered that he carried his supplies in his backpack that he took everywhere he goes.  If he goes into dinner he will leaves that in his car.  Even his security team and his assistant carry supplies as backups.  Nick said that the most important thing is he has been really trusting his doctor and always rely on her in a big way.  And don’t forget to being transparent with friends.  Try to be aware, take mental notes of how body reacted in different situations and if a complication happens, do everything you can to go about it in a different way and just learn from the experience.

Nick Jonas said that the positive side to living with diabetes is that his story can encourage people, to give them faith that Nick so desperately wanted when he was first diagnosed.  He hopes that people can look at his story and see that it is possible to do whatever they want to do with their life while living with type 1 diabetes.  But Nick said also there is negative side to living diabetes is when people asked the annoying question like what did he do to get diabetes or the eating sugar question.  Maybe a lot of diabetics feel the same way like Nick, but it is just a process before people really start to understand.

In 2017 Nick won the Disney Hero Award for his work co-founding Beyond Type 1, a Type 1 diabetes nonprofit organization.  In just under three years, the organization has become the largest diabetes network on social media with nearly two million followers.  Through social media, Beyond Type 1 connect diabetics type 1 around the world via 16 digital platforms and 18 native programs that include pen pal program and global app to running biking and marathons across the US.

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